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My goal is to obtain a degree in Pharmacy and pursue further studies to become a Clinical Pharmacist. The mentorship that comes with this scholarship will be very essential in guiding me to make the right choices in my educational journey. It's an opportunity to learn from others. As I continue to progress and achieve my goals after obtaining the necessary guidance and aid, I will be in a stronger position to also nurture others who share similar experiences and goals.


The financial support I obtained eased the burden of making other necessary payments such as books and tuition. The scholarship program assisted me in making payment for my student housing fees. Securing accommodation near my department lecture halls saved me the stress of traveling longer distances to attend lectures and participate in lab sessions. This created more time for me to study and engage in group discussions. I have seen the changes this has made in my academic performance, participation in presentations, and group discussions. I am confident these changes will go a long way in helping me achieve my goals.


I would encourage other students to also apply for the scholarship. The idea of mentorship that comes along with the scholarship program is something I will ask applicants to look forward to. Obtaining guidance in career choices and knowledge on pursuing academic goals puts students in a better position to remain consistent and realize their academic goals after offering financial aid. 


University of Health and Allied Sciences

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

I am a Ghanaian living in Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana. I come from a family of five including my Mum, my siblings and I.


In 2016, I lost my Dad who was then taking care of me.As a result, I have been struggling financially to further my education by taking on one job after the other since my mum is unable to cater for my schooling from her trade.

As time went by, I came to the knowledge of School and Beyond Scholarship and mentorship programme which I successfully applied and today by God's grace I have been granted a scholarship for which I am so grateful for.

I know that this scholarship will go a long way to ease the strain on my educational finances as well as upkeep and will help me focus more on my books and internships thereby inreasing my academic performance.

Again, I have a dream of continuing my education outside Ghana in a country with a more sophisticated research facilities and I hope to achieve this dream through the mentorship program as it will provide me the necessary career guidance, direction and resources towards the achievement of this dream.


At the beginning my program of study, I faced financial difficulties as a result of my single parent (mother) not being gainfully employed. l am the only child among all my seven siblings enrolled in the university.Due to this condition, getting financial assistance to further my education was very difficult .

My major aim is to achieve top grades at my college, attract better job offers, and to develop a strong professional network. l am also hoping to gain experiences that will help me succeed in life after l leave my college, but not just by preparing me for a future career.


My professional goal is to continue my education in Agribusiness Organizations inside and outside of my country to empower myself with new skills and knowledge.

Being awarded this scholarship has given me the motivation l needed to maintain my strong academic records, pursue my degree, and has also  given me the inspiration to work hard to ensure that others who would be in the same situation as l was get the opportunity to attain higher education, as well.


Agribusiness Management
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 

My name is Osayonamen Notemwanta. I am the fourth daughter and child in my Nigerian family. Growing up, my mother used to tell me stories of how she wanted to achieve her dreams but her financial status was an obstacle that made it hard for her. Due to her poor financial status, she had to work harder to achieve her dreams. But she didn’t let that discourage her, instead, she put in the extra work to reach her goals.


When hearing these stories, two major thoughts always appeared in my mind. One, the admiration of my mother and the dedication she had. Two, the hard work she put in despite the financial troubles put her at a disadvantage. My mother worked hard to get my siblings and me in the spot we are in today.


I believe one way to show my gratitude towards her is to work to my fullest potential and take my education seriously. During middle school, I wasn’t passionate about anything. I always focused on completing the given assignments to my fullest potential instead of learning and being interested in the topic being taught. I also didn’t put any thought into my future career. It was during high school that I discovered my passion for math and science classes. In my math and science classes, I found myself intrigued to learn more and disappointed whenever the class was over.


During sophomore year, I researched various careers in my Careers Exploration class. I wanted my career to be in the STEM field and I researched careers in the healthcare field. I concluded that being a pharmacist was my ideal, future career.


When the college process came around, I applied to Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and was accepted months later. I was excited that I was accepted into my top school. However, getting accepted into Rutgers University was one thing, and figuring out how to afford it was another. I have four siblings, two of which are in college and one is in a private high school. I knew my mother was juggling paying three different tuitions and I felt terrible adding another one to her plate. I applied for many different scholarships but wasn’t fortunate to receive them.


When receiving the email from School and Beyond stating I received the Elisheba and Maya Odei Scholarship I was beyond elated. I knew that receiving this scholarship would help my mother with the financial burdens of my tuition. This scholarship would also help me attend my dream school and be a part of a program that would help me reach my dream career.


My main goal for college is to put in my best efforts in class and finish my classes with passing grades. I know college is different from high school and I need to put in more hard work, effort, time, and dedication. However, I’m prepared to put in the extra work and do what I must to make my dreams a reality.


Alongside this, I hope to meet new people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. I want to learn about different cultures and traditions. I want to get involved in multiple events and clubs and improve my skills for future opportunities. Overall, during college, I want to learn and engage in new activities and improve myself for the better.


Major: Pharmacy, Minor: Psychology 

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

I am from a family of six and I am the first born of five children. Both parents of mine are peasant farmers. I am dark in complexion and about five feet tall. I love reading, listening to music, cooking and watching movies.

I am a nurse by profession and pediatrics is my aspiring specialty area. As an aspiring Pediatric Nurse, I have always set goals and targets which I work so hard and tirelessly to achieve. Maternal and infant mortality has always been a major headache in my home region hence my desire to significantly reduce it by working in collaboration with Non-governmental Organizations, Corporate bodies, private individuals and governmental organizations.


It saddens my heart to see kids come to the hospital, get admitted, and subsequently die with very preventable sicknesses. As a pediatric nurse, I intend to reduce, if not curb, this menace in my community via public education and sensitization, community engagements, and massive home visiting activities.


This scholarship has come at a time that the entire world is experiencing dire economic crisis and as a nurse working in the rural area, I am greatly disadvantaged as well. This scholarship will go a long way to enable me realize my dream of furthering my education and becoming one of the best nurses in Ghana as I have always endeavored to be.


Pediatric Nursing Program
University of Development Studies

15C1D9C3-5BC6-4407-8839-3D8A402AA91F - micah baylor_edited.jpg

Micah Baylor

Operations Management (College of Engineering)

University of California, Berkeley

I am one of five girls and two step brothers. Talk about a big family! I have an older sister that currently works at Aon in New York City, a twin who is attending University of San Francisco, an older sister who is attending her senior year at the Ohio State University and a baby sister.

In college, I hope to achieve academic success, establish lifelong bonds of friendship, networking with large industries that I can work with in the future, and hopefully, some day, to work in corporate America within the marketing and finance sectors.

This scholarship has contributed to my tuition because as an out-of-state student, the tuition is extremely high and little to no money is offered. With this scholarship, I am able to focus on academics and not work. 

In college, I have already networked with so many companies, including Apple, Linked-in, Morgan Stanley and Visa. I have joined a sorority that is geared toward scholarship, service, and sisterhood.

I truly love Berkeley and everything my school has to to offer. 

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